Rediscover “Lost” Crime and Detective Stories from the 1800s in Brilliant New Editions


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Enter the world of action-packed, ephemeral crime thrillers of the late 1800s.  Consider it Historical Fiction written when it was simply…Fiction.

The stories selected for Dark Lantern Tales books were written around 130 years ago for people to read 130 years ago.

They are not modern historical fiction that imagines life in that era, but are popular thrillers meant for everyday working people of that time to enjoy.

The language is different, the settings are a contrast between extreme wealth and gritty urban life, and the criminals are ruthless!

To help the reader enjoy a sort of time travel to the late 1800s, Dark Lantern Tales has added some historical information, a glossary of the slang terms found in these books, and lots of illustrations.

Try one of these stories first to get a taste for truly Vintage Historical Fiction:

The Frisco Detective (1885):

Rediscover "Lost" Detective Thrillers from the 1800s in Brilliant New Editions!

If you thought the late 1800s were all about ice cream parlors and straw hats, brace yourself to be immersed in the dark and sordid world of truly Vintage Historical Fiction!

The Joe Phenix Detective Series, The Bat of the Battery

The Bat of the Battery, The Joe Phenix Detective Series



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