Steam-Age Crime Stories, where you can find the Nothing-Fancy-Just-Get-To-The-ACTION tales!

A library of action-packed, low-brow detective novels that are not related as series stories. Daring Desmond and Gideon Gault are two novels in one book, and a fine way to begin the Steam-Age Crime Stories collection!

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TWO complete, rough and tumble, nothing-fancy-just-get-to-the-action stories in ONE book!

DARING DESMOND, The Elevated Railroad Detective (1884), and GIDEON GAULT, The Missing Head Mystery (1897).

Wall-to-wall murderous exploits, and all from the late 1800s.

Open the cover and let’s get started!

PRINT, Trade Paperback (5″x8″)


Welcome to the world of action-packed, ephemeral crime thrillers of the late 1800s.

Was it literature for the ages?

Of course not!

It was sensational escape fiction for the week it was issued.

This is your ticket to February 22, 1884, when someone slid a dime over the counter of a newsstand on a Manhattan street and bought this copy of Daring Desmond, The Elevated Railroad Detective!

Now in the same book with The MISSING HEAD MYSTERY, or GIDEON GAULT on the Andrew Moffat Case!

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